Siang Pure Oil Formula 1

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Siang Pure Oil Formula 1

An irreplaceable natural remedy, very convenient and versatile to use Thai herbal oil of Xiang Puré.

The manufacturer of Siang Pure oil is a Thai company Bertram Chemical, founded in 1982. At present, the herbal medicinal oil Xiang Pure, like the Siang Pure inhaler, is very popular and recognizable in many countries of Asia, in the USA, Canada, and France.

Siang Pure oil is universal and multifunctional in use (“for all occasions”):

  1. Effectively  relieves muscle and joint pain , helps with bruises and dislocations.
  2. Siang Pure traditional oil from Thailand will eliminate itching from insect bites and quickly relieve  headaches , help with fainting or dizziness attacks.
  3. Thai oil Xiang Pure will instantly relieve  back pain  in osteochondrosis, radiculitis, intercostal neuralgia.
  4. Also, Thai oil Xiang Pure helps with abdominal pain – it is enough for intestinal cramps, pain and rumbling in the abdomen to apply Siang Pure herbal oil with light circular movements on the skin of the abdomen.
  5. For colds of the upper respiratory tract, inhalation with Siang Pure oil can be performed.

Siang Pure Oil Thai All Natural Composition:

  • Menthol – 38.6%,
  • Camphor – 6.9%
  • Clove oil – 0.5%,
  • Peppermint oil – 39.6%,
  • Cinnamon oil – 0.5%

The oil can be used by both adults and children (over 2 years old).

Siang Pure oil volume – 7 ml, glass bottle in branded box. Inside there are instructions from the manufacturer, including in Russian.

Mode of application:

  • For dizziness and light-headedness, inhale SiangPure Oil through the nose
  • For muscle cramps, dislocations, pain in muscles and joints, abdominal pain and insect bites – apply Xiang Pure oil externally to the painful area with a thin layer
  • The oil is for external use only, do not take internally

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