Plai Cream Abhaibhubejhr

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Plai Cream Abhaibhubejhr

Cream for quick resorption of bruises, for the treatment of bruises and hematomas Plai Cream based on purple ginger and ginger oil from the Thai manufacturer Abhaibhubejhr (Abhay). The cream for bruises and bruises Play is effective both as an anesthetic for bruises, muscle pain or sprains, and for restoring damaged tissues, accelerating the healing process and resorption of hematomas.

Play Cream also helps with mosquito and other insect bites, relieving irritation and itching.

Plai Cream can also be used as a good remedy for anti-cellulite massage – the cream helps to increase blood flow to problem areas and accelerate metabolism, which helps to burn fat and improve the structure of subcutaneous adipose tissue. The skin is visibly smoothed and tightened.

Ginger purple is a highly effective remedy for arthritis and rheumatism, and has long been used by Thai massage therapists for joint problems and muscle pain.

The cream has a pleasant herbal scent – it is the aroma of ginger, turmeric and camphor.

How to use Thai cream against bruises and bruises Play:

  • The cream should be applied 2-3 times a day to problem areas, bruises, bruises with gentle massage movements.

Net weight 25 grams. Made in Thailand.

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