Natural 100% sesame oil

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Black sesame oil 90 ml

Pure  Sesame  oil 100%  Rasayan

Natural 100% black sesame vegetable oil, unrefined and retaining the maximum of useful substances from the Thai manufacturer Isme Cosmetic, which produces a series of natural products for the domestic market.

100% sesame oil is used as cosmetic masks for hair and skin:

  • For example, add two to three drops of sesame oil to your favorite night cream or face wash.
  • A very good effect is obtained by adding a few drops of black sesame oil to a cream or gel for the skin around the eyes
  • Sesame oil has a healing effect for dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea, it is used to smooth the skin and eliminate acne marks
  • For hair care as a natural remedy for hair loss, to strengthen and restore hair

Sesame oil, glass bottle volume 90 ml, produced in Thailand.

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