Mo Sink 108 herbs white balm 50g

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Mo Sink balm white balm 50 gr

Healing white balm from Thai doctor Mo Sink based on 108 medicinal herbs. Dr. Mo Sink has developed an original formulation for his brand’s balms, using fresh medicinal herbs in the composition, preserving the healing properties of Thai plants to the maximum. White balm from Dr. Mo Sink is effective for dizziness, headaches, the balm will relax and relieve anxiety, applied to the abdominal area, white balm from Dr. Mo Sink will eliminate cramps and abdominal pain. Just like any Thai balm, Dr. Mo Sink’s white balm will relieve muscle and joint pain, increase blood circulation, and soothe itching after an insect bite.

Net weight 50 grams.

Made in Thailand.

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