Kongka Herb Plai Balm Mho-Lang Brand (50 gr)

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Warming and cooling balm Play, especially effective in osteochondrosis

Kongka Herb Plai Balm Mho-Lang Brand

Thai balm based on mountain ginger extract from the Thai manufacturer of a whole line of quality balms from Kongka Herb.

Thai balm with ginger is a local irritant, anti-fatigue and pain reliever based on herbal ingredients, especially effective for relieving pain in osteochondrosis.

Balsam Play contains only natural ingredients and is based on coconut oil.

The exact composition of Thai balsam Play (calculated for every 2000 grams):

  • Mountain ginger extract 15 grams
  • Menthol 160 grams
  • Coconut oil 1000 grams
  • Borneol 80 grams
  • Camphor 60 grams
  • And other herbal ingredients

Thai balsam Play has an intense cooling and warming effect and has a rather pleasant, not very pronounced aroma.

Like any Thai balm, a yellow balm based on mountain ginger is used:

  • with muscle pain of any origin (radiculitis, bruises, myalgia, pain associated with muscle strain);
  • with massage to enhance the therapeutic effect, especially with osteochondrosis;
  • with bruises, sprains, ligament ruptures;
  • with a headache,
  • with insect bites (itching, swelling)
  • to relieve fatigue and reduce pain

Manufacturer Kongka Herb (Thailand).

Branded box, inside a glass jar with a lid, net weight 50 grams.

Thai balm Kongka Herb Plai is applied externally with a thin layer on painful areas several times a day.

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