Jenny Sweet Perfect Plankton Cream Mask

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Jenny Sweet Perfect Plankton Cream Mask

South Korean plankton face mask, rich in chlorophyll and minerals, with pronounced anti-aging and skin-improving effects.

Jenny Sweet face mask has a quality composition rich in natural extracts and trace elements.

The Korean face mask contains natural pearl extract, kelp extract, brown algae and chlorella (seaweed, plankton) and a vitamin complex.

The plankton face mask has a creamy, soft texture, is easy to apply to the face and gives an immediate visible effect of freshness and youthfulness of the skin even after one application.

How to apply plankton face mask:

  • Apply mask on face for 20 minutes, then rinse with water

The mask bag is designed for one application, the volume is 5 grams. Made in South Korea.

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