Garcinia mangostana Linn Antiseptic oil

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Garcinia  mangostana  Linn

Antiseptic mangosteen oil or “mangosteen iodine” for treating wounds, treating dermatitis and inflammation, promoting rapid healing of skin and mucous membranes from the Thai manufacturer Abhaibhubejhr (Abhay).

Mangosteen peel is a natural antiseptic, has strong antibacterial properties and promotes rapid healing of wounds, scratches, cuts on the skin.

Mangosteen antiseptic is also used to treat boils, acne, dermatitis, and skin irritations. Reduces itching, suppuration and skin inflammation.

Application of mangosteen iodine :

  • apply a couple of drops of mangosteen antiseptic oil to a wound, pimple, boil, scratch or irritation and inflammation on the skin.
  • mangosteen antiseptic, unlike ordinary iodine, does not burn at all, it can be used on mucous membranes. Has a pleasant smell, does not stain clothes.
  • mangosteen iodine can be applied pointwise to the skin of the face for pimples

Volume 30 ml, plastic bottle.

Manufacturer  Abhaibhubejhr   (Abhay), Thailand

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