Counterpain Plus gel with analgesic effect

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Counterain Plus

Counterpain gel with analgesic effect

Counterpain analgesic and anti-inflammatory gel quickly and effectively relieves muscle, joint and rheumatic pains, as well as pain from sprains and bruises.

Counterpain Pain Relief Gel is an excellent home remedy for treating moderate muscle, tendon and joint pain. Counterpain gel contains menthol, eugenol (clove oil) and methyl salicylate, thanks to which this product has a strong and long-lasting warming, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.

Counterpain gel with analgesic effect is widely used in sports – for injuries, edema, pain in joints and muscles, the gel expels lactic acid from the muscles.

Counterpain Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory Gel is an extremely popular remedy for muscle and joint pain relief in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

Counterpain Plus (Counterpain Plus) – gel Counterpain in silver-yellow packaging,  net weight 25 grams .

Counterpain plus  additionally contains piroxicam – anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, elimination of redness, pain, reduction of edema. With inflammatory lesions of the joints, piroxicam helps to reduce swelling and morning stiffness, increase the range of motion.

Method of application :

  • Massage a small amount of the gel onto the body, muscles and joints
  • Do not apply to open wounds, avoid contact with mucous membranes
  • The gel does not leave marks on clothes

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